Why Boarding?

The importance of establishment of boarding facilities in our schools cannot be over-emphasized. The idea was born in the year 2000 after the management observed and appreciated the need for a Christian-based Boarding Primary School with the onset of AIDs epidemic and the unwelcome Mombasa Matatu transportation for teenagers. Come year 2004, the parents and the management noted the need for a boarding high school after realizing that a lot of children were ending up with the same problem of matatu transportation to the many day high schools. Also to note was the challenge of the increased number of single parents and AIDs orphans, a problem that tends to affect the girl-child more. Thus, came up the idea of a Christian-based Girls’ Boarding High, the Seaside Girls High School.


The school laboratory

Seaside Academy understand the importance of practical science education for the school. Without it, many students cannot …

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Seaside Girls High School The school is founded on strong religious principles and a serious code of discipline. It also provides holistic …

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